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The Cambodian’s top wedding planner help customers to organize sophisticated and well-managed wedding ceremonies and reception . Moreover, for just 2 years for operations, Leakhana Wedding has arranged over 500 successfully planned weddings in Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Leakhana Wedding has extensive knowledge of which suppliers, professional staffs and high level of quality which could provide the best quality for any wedding service, from our suppliers and vendors for our weddings, we can provide exceptional wedding services for you.

With products and services offering, customers can receive standard and quality of wedding organization and arrangement in term of wedding clothes (traditional Cambodian clothes, western-styled dresses), bridal make up and hair style, wedding accessories, invitation, traditional music band and more.

With many year of experiences, Leakhana Wedding can assist all customers to organize their wedding and reception suitable to their needs. We always be happy to welcome and assist for our customers for advice of their wedding arrangement.


Established in November 2010, one of Cambodia’s top wedding planner in accordant with tradition and religion. Leakhana Mongkul provide all related wedding services and facilities which can deliver a robust level wedding services, empowered by sensibility for wedding arrangement. Moreover, We are usually a choice for those who need high level of weeding ceremony and events in Cambodia.

We can provide sophisticated level of wedding arrangement from our experienced colleges, our traditional Cambodian wedding dresses which as been designed for your honor and family which can be guaranteed.

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  • Location1: 7 Makara Road, Watboo Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Mobile: (+855) 017 777 118, 097 266 5566



  • Wedding in Siem Reap, Angkor

    We can arrange weeding at hotel or temple as requested. Please fell free to contact us. 017 777 118, 097 2 665566